Calanday® brand story


The Dümmen Orange® team can rely on years worth of experience in breeding and experimenting of single flowered Kalanchoes, creating colours that are bolder and brighter, while also keeping the ‘best of’ colours at the top of the charts. The focus on breeding of the product started in 1981 and the first introduction of Etna and Vesuvius took place in 1983. The combination of know-how, dedication and innovation has resulted in a broad offering within a single commercially successful Kalanchoe variant.

With new developments in genetics on larger flowers and brighter colours,  a new brand of single-flowered Kalanchoe was introduced in March 2015. This fancy plant will now be called Calanday®, a refreshing and stylish brand for every day. It is a product that everyone loves, and is suitable for every day of the week. From Monday to Sunday, everyday is a Calanday!

Calanday® Outdoor

The Outdoor line of Calanday is known for its intense colors and wide assortment in different  pot sizes and colors. How to describe Calanday Outdoor?

  • Simply longer lasting than the rest
    Calanday will add a touch of beauty and happiness to any garden, balcony or patio for at least six weeks, guaranteed!
  • Simply affordable
    Easy on the eyes, easy on the budget: Calanday offers everyone true value for money.
  • Simply more choice
    Calanday works its magic everywhere you need it to. It’s very versatile and comes in a wide variety of shapes, sizes and colours.
  • Simply easy to enjoy
    Have you picked your favourite kind of Calanday? Great! We’ll make sure it’s ready for its new journey with practical and pretty custom
  • Simply easy to take care of
    Calanday doesn’t need any complicated after care when it reaches its new home. Literally anyone can pick this plant, and take it home to brighten up their garden, patio or balcony. No “green fingers” needed!
  • Simply colorful
    Calanday is known for its sparkling colors! By using the plant outdoor, the colors will brighten up even more!

Calanday® Sublime

Calanday® Sublime! Special color, surprising flower shapes and sparkling color contrast!

  • Simply sparkling colors
  • Simply extraordinairy contrasts
  • Simply special shapes
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